About Me

I'm Annie, a 21 year old Theologian and follower of Jesus.
Reader - Writer - Dancer - Musician - Feminist - Poet - Photographer

Define me as you will, but here's a little background behind the writer of these blogs:

I blog here, but you can also check out my poetry blog updated regularly.

In the summer of 2012 I graduated in BA Theology at the University of Nottingham.
I am now studying for my MA in Systematic & Philosophical Theology.

I have previously held the position as chief editor for Artemis Zine, a publication of the Women's Network at UoN. You can become a member of the network here for free if you are a student at the university.

I have also been advertiser, and write contributing reviews for The Mic music magazine.

I co-lead a missional community group based on film called 'Reel', that runs from my church St. Nic's, with fellow blogger Tim Hogg.

I am passionate for liberation, women's rights, and political activism.
I have a heart for this broken generation and want to see Jesus glorified over all the earth for his saving grace.
I have a lot to say...

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