Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rae Morris

In the Red Room of Rescue Rooms, Rae drew in a small crowd of fans for a rather intimate performance.  The audience stood for two talented support acts, including London’s Marie Naffah, another young artist in the making.  Rae approached the stage and people gathered around to be as close with this lyrical goddess as they possibly could, some even sitting on the floor right in front of the stage and cramping along the side.  As eager listeners homed in, Rae sang a short set of stories with great sincerity.

‘It’s like having a birthday party’ she said ‘and even though it’s your party you’re afraid no one will turn up’.  Her timid stage presence and evident nervousness were placebos to her performance.  A skilled pianist combined her incredibly versatile vocals into beautiful compositions, each one increasingly emotionally impacting.  Listeners clung to every word and note, Rae holding the entire room in the hypnotic world of a young woman with a lot of passion.  This friendly Blackpool girl was eager to chat with locals after the show, ‘I want to know more about Robin Hood’ she said.  This artist has a lot to give and a long way to go.  You can download Rae’s ‘Blueprint Demos’ for free at .

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